Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I don't like to talk much about politics, but I feel it is crucial at this time. As both candidates are saying, it is time for change. Each have their own agenda, but there has now emerged a new candidate. He is also proposing new changes. Monkeyboy has announced his intentions of running for president. He announced this right after he took a shower and sang "Oh, Canada" at the top of his lungs. He doesn't know all of the words, but he has some unique ones of his own. When asked about his platform, Monkeyboy has stated there would be less freedom. When asked to elaborate he said no guns except for the military. I think it's a start, and a darn good one. No more killing. Monkeyboy for President. Let's start a write in campaign. If it can't be Denny Crane, then let's vote for Monkeyboy. By the way, he knows the words to "A Star-Spangled Banner".


Steve said...

You know, our kids used to refer to the Star Spangled Banner as "the song that girl sings at hockey games."

Seriously, I'm not funny enough to make something like that up.

I guess Oh Canada is just a vocal warm-up for that song the girl sings at the hockey game.

Nate said...

Go, Monkeyboy, you have my vote. At this point Oh Canada sounds better than The Starp Spangled Banner.

Sassysam said...

I think it is a good thing we have an honest person running for office. Monkeyboy, are you going to participate in the debates? A write in would be a good thing, although I would have a tough time deciding between Denny Crane and Monkeyboy. A joint ticket perhaps?

Ben said...

Go, Monkeyboy, has to be better than what we have now. As Tina Fey said "all you have to do is want it".

Another Original by Tamara said...

Always wanted to campaign for a candidate. Please inquire with Monkeyboy as to whether there is a job available for me on his election campaign. But I will want a good seat on his Cabinet.

A great race it was. BTW, Mia is still walking funny and Wicked Kitty continues with her recovery. You were lucky Ben. Jen made a good comeback and the baton was really, no where near your head. ;)

Jen said...

I can't find my baton, I think someone at the start line took it. Darn runners. Monkeyboy for President, what a great idea. They can vote for him....wait, isn't he too young? Maybe they can vote before they realize it, after all he did JUST turn 8. We'll say he had a face lift. If you have my baton, please send it back. It's so much fun to remember my lost youth.

Anonymous said...

Who will be his running mate? Let me guess. Could it be Bean?
A winning ticket.

ginger said...

I'm already impressed that Monkeyboy knows all the words to the Star Spangled Banner. I wonder if our two candidates do?

I guess those that think McCain is too old might just pick up on the young candidate from Shaler.

Yea!!! I don't have a baton