Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Approaching the Holiday

If one were prepared, one would have had her camera with her with a walk with Oscar tonight. It has snowed a bit here and we were walking at the cemetery. Oscar was rolling and frolicking in the snow. It was such a great sight! Running free and loving every minute of it. I am dog/cat/fish sitting this week for Mippy and family. And I am using their laptop this week while at their house. It is pretty neat! They are in Norfolk tonight and will be in North Carolina with family for the Thanksgiving holiday. Back to Oscar, I shall try to get a picture of him in the snow tomorrow. This is the time of the year when I order lots and lots of things on the net. Most of my shopping is done. There are some things that one has to go and buy...I don't much like those things. I am pleased with the things that I bought this year, none of which I can share on here yet, because of who reads this. I met, well, actually I work with him, a new photographer at work today. He shares my passion for black and white photographs. So does Michele, whose site I have linked to mine in the past. Kitty likes black and white photos also. I gave her one for Christmas one year. It was the one I will post tomorrow, the Bridge of Sighs. It is in Pittsburgh, and it connects the courthouse with what used to be the county jail. The story has it that the prisoners would walk across the bridge on their way to their trial, and if they were found guilty one could hear them sigh as they walked back across the bridge to the jail. We have some wonderful old buildings here and the architecture is wonderful! Well, I am going to take the dog out and feed the cat. Have a great day tomorrow.


Ben said...

I think it is going to be gone by the end of the day, Mia, it's already pretty well melted here in the city. I took my dog to the park late last night and had the same experience, he loves the snow. Try throwing snowballs for Oscar, mine loves to try to catch them.

SocialWorker2 said...

I agree with you, my dogs love the snow. They are like the kids. We haven't had any snow here yet. I think I want it, but then when we get it, I'm not so sure! Happy Thanksgiving all.

SassySam said...

Is that a true story, Mia? Nice picture. House sitting. I think that would be kind of fun. Kind of like a vacation. Do they have to feed you too? I am going to my sister's tomorrow. Her house is the only one that will fit all of us and she is the only one who cooks a turkey that is big enough. Not that we have a big family, but everyone likes leftovers. Have a great day!

ginger said...

Yeah!! I was so glad we had the snow. The grandkids from CA loved coming down my back hill on the flying saucer.
We have a big blowup snowman for the front yard which we never put out this early but we put it up for the kids. Edgar (2 1/2) loved watching go up every day.
Well, they're gone now and the house is quiet again. How sad!

Bill said...

I had to get the shovel out, I don't like that! I try to talk the kids into it by telling them if they shovel they will be able to push all the snow to one area and then build a snowman. My wife just laughs when they can't even hold the shovel. I say you can't start them too young. It's nice, Ginger, that your CA grandkids got to see the snow. Kids do love it.

Kitty said...

My chicken (not turkey) is thawing for tomorrow. Wish I could say the same about my tail.

I absolutely love the pic of the Bridge of Sighs as y'all probably know by now. Reminds me of Mel Gibson and Mrs. Soffel. Very sad and strange but moving story. I kept telling Mia how much I adored the pic (which she photographed) so she pretty much had to give it to me.

Way cool how Flurry and Oscar get along so well.

Nate said...

I have to say that the womnen rock on this day. I love sitting down and eating, eating, and then coming back to eat. And then of course, there is the football. Ahhh, can life be any better? Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone. Thanks for your blog, Mia, it is fun.