Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bean's Demands

I turned on my computer today and was checking my email. There was one from Bean, demanding a new post. This happens...and not just with Bean. So, here is my Sunday morning post.
Went out to dinner last night to River Forrest. It's a wonderful restaurant hidden in the forrest above the Allegheny River. They had a wine tasting party, which was unknown to us until we got there, so we couldn't partake of that. But the dinner was wonderful. As we wound our way back to the main road we were on the lookout for deer. None were spotted. On the drive home I made a remark that the lights of the small towns we were passing reminded me of a train layout. We have a large train layout here at the Carnegie Science Center every year. It takes up the whole room and there are miniature villages with people walking babies inside their homes, miniature people skiing down slopes, with a wonderful amusement park nearby that has a Farris wheel and merry go round. It is magic, and as we were driving last night, the lights in the small towns reminded me of the Carnegie. At the museum here they have a display of Christmas trees, also a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
The weather has changed drastically here today. Good football weather Ben and Bill, but Kitty better wear something warm to cheer on the Steelers. Most of the leaves are down now, and the raindrops on the trees threaten to turn to ice drops. Winter coats are being dragged out, and it's amazing how many people begin to smell of moth balls! It's dark now when I come home from work. I like that. I like that I come home and everything seems cozy and warm. I can close the drapes and wrap up in a blanket on my chair to read my book.
I took Bean to her dance class on Thursday. I do love to watch these kids dance. It was cold. I listened to the head of the studio talk about casting of characters. The Prince in Cinderella was a young man of color and the Princess was not. Someone had written a very long letter (unsigned, of course) stating that the studio was promoting interracial marriage. WHAT? Ken (the head of the program) was most upset, rightfully so. These kids are extremely talented and work very hard to put on a production that is professional. How sad that someone would focus on something that no one else seemed to notice. There are many children of different ethnicity and cultures that participate in this particular theater, and for the most part, they all have the same goal. To bring pleasure to those who watch them. So, kudos to the kids, and to those who refuse to sign their name to letters, perhaps you should not come to the theater to watch them.
Yesterday I watched "Flashdance", not so much for the plot of the movie (was there one?) but for the great scenes of Pittsburgh. The South Side slopes, the bridges, Trees Hall, the Museum. I have to figure out what movie I want from Netflix next. It's a good day for movies. Have a great Sunday!


bean said...

I recommend that you get "Get Smart" from Netflix. It's a great movie. Just watched it last night.

Jessica said...

Get Smart is a good suggestion, Bean. I haven't watched any movies lately, but I'm prone to chick flicks. Flashdance was an oldie but goodie.

Ben said...

What a game. Was worried there for a minute. Not much for chick flicks, but Get Smart looked okay. Have been to the Science Center and the museum many times. I think we are lucky here to have so many great things for adults and kids to do together. Kitty, let's not dragged the suspense out for so long, I want to see a good win.

Cathy said...

Thanks, Kitty for your comment about the ear infections. I seem to be off schedule in my sleep patterns since that episode. I love weekends, much like you mia. I don't like football much, but my husband does, so it is a time for the kids and I to do something fun that he doesn't care for much, like baking cookies or finger painting. I agree with Bean. I find myself looking forward to your postings, mis. Keep it up and let's have more. All in favor?

Bill said...

thanks for the cheer, Kitty, those Steelers kept us on the edge of our seats. And Bean, thanks for getting mia to post, she waits too long between posts! We watched Get Smart over the weekend and it was funny.

Witty Kitty said...

I loved Flashdance. Also Dirty Dancing, Step Up and even yep, Bring it On. Could have used those leg warmers yesterday. Very cold, even with MY fur coat. My tail was freezing. LOL.

ginger said...

Yes, it has turned quite cold but we sure sweated out that football game. I am also ready for an easy one.

Always enjoy the posts, Mia, keep up the good work. You should write a book. Mia's Memoirs

Jen said...

It would be easier if you had certain days to post. I look and get very disappointed if I don't see one! Really though, it is fun to read them and see who has to say what. And the pictures are wonderful. Keep up the good work! And I'll keep looking everyday as I check my email.