Thursday, November 27, 2008


I have much to be thankful for, my family, my health, my friends. Today is a day to reflect those things, and it is a day to eat! I don't remember if it was last year or two years ago, but dinner was here with Mippy and family. Got up early, threw the bird in the oven, prepared ALL of those trimmings that go with the bird. The aroma that permeated the house was delightful. All day envisioning sitting down and eating. Anticipation. Guests arrived. Oohs and ahhhs abounded. The table was set with fiestaware, ready to be adorned with wonderful food. The bird was taken from the oven and set on the platter to "rest". Side dishes were placed strategically around the table. And the moment arrived. The turkey was sliced, and alas.....IT WASN'T COOKED! Not only was it not cooked, it was kind of raw. We all stood there looking at it, debating what to do. Mippy suggested we all say something that we were thankful for. She got looks that would have killed. She began by saying she was thankful we had side dishes to eat. No one else had anything at that moment to be thankful for. All got quiet as we passed the potatoes, slaw, jello salad, veggies, etc. Finally the silence was broken by Monkeyboy who said..."I really wanted some turkey". We told him he could have it at his grandmothers next week when he went to visit there. Here's hoping your holiday is wonderful and your turkey is cooked.


SassySam said...

I can top that! We put our turkey on the counter to "rest". We were in the family room eating snacks, not really paying attention to anything. We heard the dog growl and snap and we ran to see the dog protecting the half eaten turkey so the cat wouldn't get it. We too ate only side dishes that year and the dog was sick for days!

Klever Kitty said...

Very funny Sassy. Too bad about the dog getting sick. LOL. I have no entertaining Thanksgiving stories to tell. But we did watch the Dog Show today. Pretty sure I had to give up another one of my nine lives for that act of betrayal. The Pointer won best in show. I prefer the more incorrigible dogs like the Border Collie. They are much more fun! So Benji, aside from a snowball munching dog, what kind of dog do you have?

Also drank way too much egg nog. Yum!

ginger said...

We had a good thanksgiving dinner,especially so because I didn't have to cook it. Our son in law made dinner and I baked the pumpkin pie. We had our fill and brought home some leftovers which are always the best.
No animals anymore but we had a dog at one time who ate a tray full of cookies when we went to Midnight Mass. Thankfully, she wasn't any worse for it and we always had too many cookies anyway.

Ben said...

Kitty, I have a lab/retriever mix that I got at the pound. Dumb as they come, but a great pet. When I got him he was into shredding and chewing. Fortunately, he has outgrown that. I fell asleep on the couch and woke up to go to bed. Ate way too much food. Dog stories are great. I caught some of the dog show, kitty. I think the pointer was a stupid looking dog. There were some other dogs that looked stuid too. I did like the spaniels and the german short haired pointer is a great dog. But I'll keep mine, now that he isn't chewing and shredding. Happy Thanksgiving all.

Jen said...

All is quiet in the house, finally. The nice thing about having company is that they leave! I ate way too much, but I'll worry about that another day. Ben we have a mutt and I wouldn't have anything else. What fun she is now, although as a puppy, she was the worst! Have a great evening everyone and Sam, don't get too crazy tomorrow at the mall if you go!

Jessica said...

My mother cooks the turkey for Thanksgiving and it is always the best. We do Christmas dinner. I went to the mall yesterday. What was I thinking? Couldn't find parking, so I left, but it took me 3/4 hour just to get to the parking lot. I didn't even try to park, but I hear there were a number of fights over parking places.