Thursday, April 4, 2013

April Fool

This has always been one of my favorite days.  The past couple of years, I have laid low.  Let me share what happened this year that made me laugh as I lay in bed at midnight.
Matt told what he did and it still make me laugh.  You know what Oreo cookies are, right?  Well, so does Matt.  He took apart an oreo cookie and carefully put some toothpaste int he cookie.  He then put it back together again and put it back in the package.
At some point Mippy took the cookie, dunked it in her milk and took a bite.  Matt (and Katie) looking on.  Mippy hesitated, looked at the cookie, then dunked it again and took another bit.  SHE ATE THE WHOLE THING.
When questioned about this...her response?  "I thought I bought the mint oreo's".  When questioned about the consistency she replied "I dunked it". 
WAY TO GO MATT!  You are my hero, following in my footsteps.
I don't know which was my finest hour.  Was it the police knocking on Scott's door telling him his dog barked too loudly?  (Oscar doesn't really bark).
Was it having Bruce call Scott at work pretending to be the doctor telling Scott that Mippy was having twins when she was pregnant with Matt?
For Scott, was it putting the "For Sale" sign in my front yard?
I think that was his ONLY good one.  There were some other feeble attempts, but not as successful as mine.
On a sad note...Pens have lost two in a row.  Badly.  I know, Steve tells me they will succeed and I hope he is correct.  Matt and Scott went to game on Saturday, thanks to Carolyn, and saw them win 15 in a row.  They were bound to lose, and it's okay.  It was a good game that they saw, though Sydney lost some teeth and got a fractured jaw.  Get well, Syd, feel beter.
On a happy note...Pirates won. Nice steal of second, Cutch.  Matt and Scott went to opening day...I hear all they did was eat, cheer, eat and freeze. 
Spring is coming, I know it is.  Please come.  Snow squalls again today.  Darn. 


Jennifer said...

OK, that one is a keeper. Love it. And I think I would have said the same thing, "it's a mint oreo" because I love oreo's.

Elizabeth said...

That's funny! I am not so creative. The best I can do is say some dumb statement and then say April Fool! But you have given me some ideas for future April Fools day!

Lori said...

My favorite April Fools joke was when my brother from Texas called me and said he wasn't going to be able to visit. We talked for a few minutes and he said to look out the window in the living room, and he was sitting in his car in the drive yelling "April Fool". It was a great surprise after feeling let down when he said he couldn't come!

Twigs said...

I am always watchful on April Fools day. Most of the pranks are silly, but fun.
Spring is coming here and it can't be soon enough. It's been a really bad winter and I don't care if I never see another snowflake.
It's just been one big storm after another, so bring on the sunshine and warmth!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Pens lost again but the funny item in the paper read streak/slump. Since when is two losses in a row, a slump? Someone ia panicking a little early.

Spring can't come soon enough for any of us.

Pirates lost today but they gave the Cubs a scare in the 9th.

Bill said...

I don't think the public is in a panic yet, Anonymous. I think a combination of things have happened to the Pens that the fans understand, trades being made, lines being set, Crosby hurt. We, as fans, certainly haven't givenup on them yet.
Pirates needs to get their offense together. And they will.
The kids play the April Fools jokes on their mom and I and we dutifully pretend that they "got" us. I hope they never read your post about Matt's prank, that is a good one.

Mark said...

It was bound to happen, they had to lose at some point. And I agree, Bill, there were a number of factors. And yes, Anonymous, the press always goes for the headline. Mia, is Matt still playing hockey? His prank was superior!

SassySam said...'re back! I just logged on and thought....maybe! And here you are. Enough about the hockey. It's time to hit the mall and shop for spring. And Matt, you are awesome! What a great trick...sorry, Matt's mom, but that is funny. Good to see the old crowd. OK, one more thing about hockey...where is Tim when we need him. Come on Tim, let's get that cheering going. OK, I am done with sports, not my thing.
So glad you are back!

Allie(Cat) said...

It is good to see the old gang back again. Is Katie in another play? What's happening with her career? I love Matt's prank. I don't follow hockey, but will listen to news about your team, Mia. And baseball is boring, sorry, but it is. Where is the road trip this year?

Noelle said...

FINALLY! Spring has arrived here. Sun is shining, going to go up to 52 and I am happy.
I love baseball. Got interested when our son began to play and now I can't wait for the games. He started with T-ball and is now in high school, so it's been quite the journey. Hockey, not so much. But I hope the Penguins do well.

JD said...

I think I like the one putting the for sale sign in the front yard! Although, it is hard to top the oreo cookie one. How fun to see a professional sports team play! Being from a small town, we don't have any pro teams, we would have to go to Chicago to see one. We have been to Cubs games...not any football or hockey. It's a weekend trip,so we don't get there often.

SocialWorker2 said...

Pirates lost to the Cubbies? How can that be?
April Fools prank this year? Husband went to garage to get car out, came back into the house grumbling...saying we had a flat tire and the spare was also flat, so he had to take my car to work. Nope, no way. But he needed it to go to a meeting, I could take the bus. NO WAY.
Padded out to the garage and heard laughter and "April Fool".
I am such a loser.