Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Perhaps Spring?

I don't want to get too excited, but it's 78 degrees here and's been a nice few days.  Which brings me to thinking of clothes.  I began trying on clothes from last summer, and, oh my.  Which sent me back to the track.  Loaded up tunes on my ipod...Salisbury (Uriah Heep), Radioactive (Imagine Dragons), and The Black Pearl (Klaus Badelt) to name a few.  DROVE to the track to begin.  It's pretty crowded, lots of people walking trying to get back in shape, and then the show offs running the track.  I can't believe that Linda  and I used to run as much as we did, sometimes 8-10 miles.  Sick.   Oh, well, one must begin somewhere. I found the first few days are the hardest, now I actually look forward to it.  There is a man and his son in front of me walking.  I watch them, as I do with anyone in front of me.  They are talking and actually seem to be enjoying each other as they walk.  Later a woman (I assume the mom) join them and the man jogs a few laps while the mother and son walk.  The thing that struck me was that both adults seem to enjoy being with the son and talking with him...and they were there the whole time I was.
There was a woman on crutches, said she was doing it so she didn't gain too much weight while she had her cast on her leg.  Broke it in the last storm we had on the ice.  She was slow, but boy, she kept it up.
Always enjoy seeing people matter what, out there trying.  It's nice.  Scott is working out at the gym everyday now...and eating healthier.  Said he feels much better now...Go Scott!
Today there were gym classes on the track.  They were seventh and eighth graders, an awkward age group in terms of size.  There was one boy who was close to six foot, another beside him who was lucky to be five foot.  Chatting away as they ran the track.  Same with the girls, although the difference was not so prominent.  Girls giggling, boys bumping into them and elbowing each other when a cute girl passes them.  I do not want to be that age again!
I am stalled with the spring cleaning.  Just can't get motivated again.  The kitchen is daunting.  I baked a cherry pie (Sarah Lee) a few months ago.  Somehow, and I can't imagine how, it slid and spilled all over the oven door and the bottom  of the oven.  I tried, I really did, try to get it all cleaned up.  Boy, what a smokey, smelly mess until it all burned on.  And can we talk about the refrigerator?  Perhaps we shouldn't.  There is a bottle of wine in there that was a gift when I left my last job.  Does wine stay good forever?  I'm afraid to try it.  And the door of the refrig is full of things that have expired.  Who ever knew Ketchup expired?  Katie, that's who.  Someday the kitchen will be cleaned.  But it will just get dirty again.  So, maybe I just will ignore it.
There is a flu bug going around.  So far as I have counted, six people in four days are hurling all over Phipps.  In addition, one person had a seizure and another two fainted.  Welcome to Phipps.  And of course, there is a new bird flu.  It's been on the national news.  I don't get flu shots.  Seems like they weren't too effective this winter anyway.  So, if I get the flu, so be it.  Not that I will like it, but it seems like there is always a shot to prevent something, and I am very cautious about getting shots.  Years ago I fell, and when I went to the ER they wanted to give me a tetanus shot.  I declined.  They were appalled.  I never got lockjaw.
The Pens have clinched a playoff spot.  Pirates are struggling right now, but they will come back.  Tonight it is a Pens/Bucs night on TV, in addition to NCIS and NCIS LA...oh my gosh, what to watch?
I am going to enjoy the warm, sunny weather while it is here.  We are supposed to get some thunderstorms later in the week.  Ahhh, I love spring! 


Shelly said...

I've started exercising also. What is it about me that tries in January to get ready to be fit, then give it up until I can't fit into any clothes? Ten pounds, that's it, but it kills my wardrobe. It does feel good to get moving again. But boy, those first couple of days are a pain.
I hear the Penguins are doing well. Good luck to them. Wonder what you ended up watching!

Ben said...

Penguins are doing well, Shelly, they just clinched the Atlantic Division title. And they are assured a spot in the playoffs. Would be nice if Crosby is able to play, but I don't think they are going to rush him.
So, Mia, which did you contest with Pirates and Pens...Pirates followed the Pens. D-Backs are ahead in that game.
I don't run in the winter too much, but I have been going to the gym. At my age, it's hard to keep ahead of the weight.
Is anyone else having stink bug problems. I just killed about 10 of them. Disgusting...slow moving, big, hard to drown. Geesh.

Jackie said...

I don't know what stink bugs are, but we are being invaded by ants. We always get them at this time of the year.
Exercise I don't do it. Well, once in a while I do. But not often.
I have never gotten flu shots either. I don't trust the drug manufacturers, and although people think they are free, they aren't. The insurance companies pay the drug companies that pay the pharmacies. It is such a racket. I suppose there are some that are good, but the flu shot is a joke. I haven't had the flu in years (pounding wood as I say that), but if I get it, I get it. And I won't give it to the kids. My neighbor had her kids get the flu shot last year and her daughter was so sick with the flu she had to be hospitalized for fluids.
Good luck to the Penguins and Pirates!

Bill said...

Yeah, Ben, we have them too. They are disgusting, that's for sure. Wonder if it is just here, haven't heard anyone else talking about them.
Pirates need to get their offense together. It's early, but they aren't looking too good.
Yes, we all had the flu. Upchucking all weekend. Our son got it and shared it with all of us. It's the only thing I can ever remember him sharing so freely.
We watched NCIS and NCIS LA and kept switching to Pens game. The good thing is that their ads weren't on at the same timee.

Twigs said...

We have them here, and I can't stand them. Everyone has a way to get rid of them, I just take them outside and put them in a big jar filled with soapy water, but I have to admit, I sometimes just flush them.
Mia, I have joined a gym here and even though I dreaded it at first, I am finally getting into it. It is addictive.
And I watched NCIS and NCIS LA. Pirates and Pens weren't on here!

ginger said...

Watched the Pens and Pirates both win. Bill, you can tape the games or your shows and watch the other.

We go to Silver Sneakers for exercise classes. It's not so boring when you have other people suffering with you.

Our stink bugs are back also. We flush a lot or just throw them outside and crush them. Oh well, at least Spring is here even with the bugs.

Allie(Cat) said...

Love your comment about the cherry pie...eventually it will all burn off and all will be fine. And if it isn't smoking anymore, then what the heck!
It has been beautiful here, but I hear there is another storm brewing and headed our way.
No flu here yet, just keep it in Pittsburgh...or better yet, contained to Phipps!

Angela said...

Just thinking about beginning an exercise program hurts me.
Didn't the Penguins win some kind of championship? Can you tell I don't follow hockey much?
So, Mia, did you eat the cherry pie or was it totally ruined? Funny story.

Mark said...

Angela, they won the Atlantic Division title. The playoffs haven't begun yet. And if they win everything, it will be the Stanley Cup that they win.
I would love to have seen the cherry pie, Mia.
And I had the intestinal flu, was sick for three days, really hit hard. Hope you don't get it!
I admire your ambition, but the kitchen always seems like the worst room to clean. Gets a lot of use, so gets pretty dirty quickly!

SassySam said...

I don't even want to think about spring/summer clothes. I have clothes that I have not been able to get on my body from two years ago.
Perhaps I should just start some kind of exercise. Hmmm, maybe walking would be a beginning since it is getting warmer. OK, let me dig out the sneakers and go for a walk. Wish me luck.

Lori said...

Sam, I know! You can walk the mall! Get there early, they open here an hour early for walkers. Get you walk in and then you can shop! Isn't that a great idea? And the malls are having all kinds of sales now...don't ask me how I know that.
I don't like cherry pie. My favorite is apple, so it would not have been a big loss to me, Mia.
And keep that flu bug away from me, please.

Jessica said...

I was exercising and was consistent with it until I sprained my ankle. It is so hard to get back into the routine again. I know, that's just an excuse, I will start back. But once that routine is broken...
I don't like NCIS, but I do watch NCIS LA. NCIS is too bloody. Good shows, but I just prefer the LA one.

Cathy said...

I'm not going to exercise, I'm just going to get more clothes. Boy, I hope my husband doesn't see this!
There is nothing worse in an oven that a sticky, sugary (how is that spelled) burning on and smelling up the whole house! It's probably why I never bake my own pies, even the frozen ones!
Could you salvage any of it?

Tim said...

Pens play tonight as do the Pirates....for whom to cheer?
Guess the Pirates, don't have a cheerleader costume for the Pens.

Cathy said...

YAY, Tim's going to cheer again!

Phoebe said...

I discovered your blog and feel like I have just joined a virtual gym with all the comments on excercising. I enjoy yoga, cherry pie and your really funny stories Mia.

Jenifer said...

Welcome Phoebe. We've all been around for awhile, and desperately miss Mia's posts when we don't see them.
Glad to see Tim is going to cheer again.
And see, I don't like cherry pie, so it wouldn't have happened in my over! Nothing much ever does! But I'll bet it was a mess.
I don't want to discuss exercise.

ginger said...

Yea, Tim! glad to see you are back.Do you have a costume for the Pirates? They need more cheering than the Pens right now.

Welcome back!