Monday, April 29, 2013

I believe...

I like yard art. I am told that is what my snowman is. Tempting fate can be a scary thing. Several years ago I put on my front door a spring wreath at the end of March. We got six inches of snow the next day. This year I put the wreath on the door on April 1. We got more snow after that.

So, you see, I am a little hesitant to take the snowman into the basement until next winter. But, I think I may do it today. The tulips are out (my food for the deer), the grass has been cut, so I guess I am safe. *fingers people still do that?*
I have finished my book from the library, just in time. In my email today is a notice from the library that the book is due on May 2. There is anticipation when nearing the end of a book to see what happens and if your guess was right, but for me there is also sadness. I'm not sure I can explain it, but the pleasure of reading it is no longer there. I am currently reading books by David Baldacci. Also one by John Grisham about baseball called "Joe Calico". Just started that one last night.
Baldacci was featured on NPR. Apparently, his latest book was being reviewed. He was said to be a Washington insider and used his knowledge to write about mysteries using that knowledge. It sounded interesting, so I researched him and found a list of books he has written. His first book was "Absolute Power". That book was later made into a movie starring Clint Eastwood, one of my favorite actors. When finding an author I think I might like, I always read the books in order. So, I read Absolute Power and loved it. I remembered watching the movie, also.
Went back to his website and printed out a list of his books in order. I read the second one which I didn't like very much, but his third one, "The Winner" was excellent. So my day today will include a trip to the library to get his next book. Excitement abounds.
We went to see Matt's baseball game last week. I took my winter jacket, my chair and my blanket. All were needed, and in fact, I had to share my blanket. Didn't take my wallet since I didn't think the refreshment stand would be open, but it was, and I ended up looking longingly at the dogs and nachos. Speaking of dogs, there was a beautiful goldendoodle and a rottie there. Both very well behaved.
Oh...the game. Well, Matt's team was a bit off for several innings. Matt got a hit to third and was thrown out at first, he got a walk and a hit, I think. He played left field for he first three innings, and was called in to pitch in the fourth. His team was quite behind, but at the end of it all, they only lost by one run. Thawing out took a bit of time, but I am ready for the next game.
I am someone who will always work. For me, it provides structure to my life as well as a connection to people. I still have friends that I see from my job with the county. Linda M. and I had lunch last week, and I have lunch with my old unit on a semi-regular basis. As well as Michele B., Tammi and Kate. And of course, Tom. Tom was a supervisor when I started with the county. We later became friends and have dinner monthly. His wife used to take in stray rescue dogs and at one time I believe they had four dogs and three cats. They have the sweetest pit bull, Bella, now with one other dog. Slowing down on the number of pets. All of these people are who I consider my friends and I always look forward to seeing them.
At Phipps, we have a really nice group of people, old and young and everything in between. What I have noticed about the young people is that for many of them, their pay is pocket change and not something to be taken seriously. One man flies paper airplanes across the welcome center, writes notes to those working right beside him and spends an inordinate amount of time on facebook. Others fail to come in or call off, they just don't show up for work. I've worked with many young college/just out of college young people, but Phipps seems to be unique in this sense. Perhaps because they are still in school and haven't yet developed a work ethic...I don't know. For the most part, the people that I work with are conscientious, hard working and a lot of fun. Tonight I have dinner with a group of them. Have you noticed that food is the common thread in my keeping in touch with people????
Speaking of food, I should wander to the kitchen and get some breakfast before heading to the library. I'll finish my Grisham book fairly quickly and move on to the next Baldacci novel.
Almost forgot...Pens play Islanders in the playoffs, beginning on Wednesday. According to what I have read, they have never beat them in the playoffs, so I am a little nervous.


Tigger said...

I understand that you want to win this hockey match, Mia, but I must root for the Islanders. And I think we have a pretty good team. I do hope it is a good series. The Pens have been playing really good hockey even without Crosby. Wonder if he will make it back for the series. Either way, it looks like a good match up.
Don't you think that a lot of college students..and I'm not saying all..don't have to work, have never had to work. They have focused on school so much that their parents have provided for them. It amazes me that kids come out of college owing thousands of dollars in tuition loans. Whatever happened to pay as you go? College is so outrageously expensive now, I wonder sometimes if it is worth it.
That being said, we have a college fund for our kids, but it won't cover it. I would hope they can get a job once they are old enough to help with expenses. But who knows.
I'll check out this author, sounds interesting. I did see the movie and enjoyed it. I read a lot of historical booksl, some novels, some non-fiction. I always have a book in hand.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure, Mia, maybe you had better let that snowman up for a few more weeks. It went down below freezing here, and that could have meant snow!
I think that kids are expected to do a lot of work for little pay. Many places don't accomodate them with a schedule they can work. Our son had a job at a local supermarket and when he was hired he asked if he could have two nights off for practice and one day off the weekend. This was in the summer and he played ball. They told him he could, but then scheduled him and didn't honor his requests. He was a good worker, always showed up on time, uniform was clean, even filled in for others when they couldn't work his shift. They eventually cut everyone's hours to the point that it didn't pay him to work there. He got another job that is a little more accomodating, but he only gets 10-12 hours a week, as does everyone. So, I don't know. What you describe is ridiculous. And if that person is in college, he needs to go back to 6th grade.
I have read Absolute Power and saw the movie. Excellent. I wasn't aware that the author of the book wrote other books. I'll look him up.

Bill said...

UhOh, I think Tigger, we are going to have a bet here. Ordinarily, I would agree with you, but our team this year is really on top. Don't know if we'll get the cup, but we won't go out the first round (I hope!).
I have mixed feelings about high school kids working, but beyond that, they can get a job. I don't care if it is for ten hours a week, they need the responsibility. In high school I think school and activities are enough. Let them have fun while they can as long as their grades are good.
Baldacci is an excellent author of fiction. I like him, Clancey and Grisham. I haven't read Calico Joe, I'll have to look at that one.
Yard art (had no idea that's what it's called) can be fun, but it can also be kind of junky. The snowman is not, Mia, but I think it can come down. Going to be a great week here.

Jackie said...

Always a question..make kids work or give them the world and tell them they are entitled! Our kids have chores. No money for them, they live here and are expected to contribute their time and bodies to keep the house in shape. They are too young to have a job, but if they want spending money, then they will have to earn it. Either by helping in the neighborhood or working at McDonalds. We will not pay them for any work they do in the house. My sister gives the kids a set amount of money. With that, they have to buy their clothes, pay for school activities, have fun with friends. If they want a pair of tennis shoes that cost $150, then they go with last years clothes. Her oldest has taken to shopping at thrift shops and has delighted in finding bargains there.
We are thinking of planting our annuals this weekend since it is going to be nice here, but that snowman reminds me that we could still get a frost. One year we planted too early and lost everything.
I agree, Mia, baseball for kids is about bundling up with blankets, drinking hot chocolate and eating until you can't move. I love this time of the year, nothing better than sitting in the bleachers cheering for that kid on the mound who has the intensity of any major league pitcher. Go Matt, and go Jason, (my son). Do the best you can and most of all, have fun!

Twigs said...

I feel the same way when I have a good book. I read, read, read, carry my book everwhere. Then as I near the end I feel kind of sad that it is ending and now what will I do? It's why I always have several books on hand.
Love Grisham, never read Baldacci, although I did see the movie.
Yes, baseball is in full swing here. Your team whipped ours, however, I read in the paper this morning that the Brewers did a number on the Pirates. Pirates are still in first, not that it matters this early in the season, but it's still nice for you to see.
Sounds like Matt had a good game.
I always made friends at wherever I worked and still do. Maybe not best friends, but we would do happy hour together occasionally and have going away parties. What amazes me is the young people at check out texting as you stand there. I think that's the worst!

ginger said...

As I type the pirates and braves are playing and pirates are losing 3 to 1 in the 5th. We have a hard time with the braves but the game is not over yet.
When I went back to work part time a few years ago, my boss said I would rather hire a mom because the young kids were not dependable. I think he was right. They haven't grown up with the same work ethics we did.

ginger said...


Pirates won! Pirates won!

Pens play tonight.

Mark said...

Ginger, you seem just a little excited! Pens are winning after the first period, so it's looking good.
I am in a position to hire teens here, and most of them are okay. I own a small business here and we have cell phones allowed. If they are seen with one, they are out, not excuses, no promises, they are out. They have to wear a shirt with a collar and if they wear jeans,no holes and they have to have a belt with the jeans. Most of them that I hire work out well. They only make min. wage, but they get the experience of working and they can carry that forward. They get regualar raises and flexible schedules. It works out pretty well for both of us I think.
Well, going to grab some snacks before the second period begins. Go Pens.

Tim said...

This cheering for all these teams is exhausting for me. Doing my best, but anyone offering a cool, tall one while I am cheering...well, I certainly would appreciate it.

SassySam said...

I shop, therefore, I work. Have since I was 19. I didn't work in hight school, but stared right after that at McDonalds. And I have to say, it was a good experience. They promoted team work and there was always competition between stores.

Jennifer said...

Babysitting and grass cutting. Those are good jobs for kids, even college kids. Can no longer do paper routes, they are done by automobiles now.
And you go, Tim, do those cheers.
I don't follow hockey and follow limited baseball, but always fun to hear the Tim is cheering.