Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Things That Mark Spring

There are some things that occur every year that mark spring in my life.
The first is the Boston Marathon.  Many years ago, you had to qualify to run in the marathon.  It's one of the reasons I couldn't run it, I was too slow.  Now it has become and event for the family to do together, if not to run together, to stand on the sidelines and cheer.
This year tragedy marred the marathon.  Something that has been a time honored tradition in Boston will never be exactly the same again.  But we are a resilient group, we humans.  And it will be run again.  No one person or group of people can keep us down.  We have survived much in the past years, and that is the point, we have survived and become closer and more determined than ever.  I think I was most touched by the gentleman who said at 78 years old, the shock threw him to the ground.  He got up, finished the race, and then said he would not be running again.  Thoughts and prayers to all those affected by this horrible act.
For many this has been an awful winter and spring.  There have been hurricanes, blizzards, floods and tornadoes.  While violent weather will continue, there are signs that we are moving into springtime.
The daffodils that I bought at the bulb sale at Phipps are blooming.  The magnolia is in full bloom.  I ran out last night to get pictures before the thunderstorm.  Matt is starting baseball.  These are the signs that tell me, yes, spring is here.
I went with Linda and the kids to get new cell phones last week.  I looked but decided to keep my "dumb" phone instead of getting a "smart" phone.  Katie's phone had been dropped and wasn't working at all, and since she got her driver's license, she needs a working phone in case of an emergency. (I say that because their cars are...hmmm...shall we say, old?)
We drive to the Verizon store and didn't even have to wait.  Why?  Because we arrived at 6:00 while everyone was eating dinner except us.  I'll call the poor salesperson Amanda, because neither Linda nor I can remember her name for sure.  Amanda had lovely long, reddish blond hair.  Very nice lady.  It's extremely difficult to listen to all the plans, all the phones, the switching of people from one plan to another, choosing a phone, choosing the accessories.  Do you want a home charger, a car charger, combination of the two?  Do you want a protective cover because if you don't get one your million dollar phone will die if you drop it and you'll have to get a new one, but if you get insurance, the phone will be covered and the insurance is only a few added won't even notice it on your bill.  Took us two and a half hours.  The worst part?  I missed The Middle, one of my favorite television show.  And it was the season finale.  As Amanda was packing the two bags full of phones, accessories (not included) Linda suggested we have a glass of wine and that Amanda have a bottle of wine all to herself.  I think she probably did.  I don't know why these phone plans have to be so difficult.  2G worth of data is this much and to add data would be this much unless you go with the family share plan, but if you go with the data share plan this will occur and you phone will stop working if you sneeze.  Oh, and there is no need to to give us your phones, they are worthless.  I'm glad I have a dumb phone.
The walking has been going fairly well.  I went to the track yesterday amongst all the 13-14 year old.  I got on the track and started in Lane 6, which is where I always start.  I noticed the coach at the other end of the track waving to me, so I waved back.  He waved again, a little more frantically.  A cute little girl came up to me and said he was waving me out of Lane 6 and could I please move to Lane 3 because they were having timed runs.  I smiled and said of course.  Felt like a fool.  Later I lapped this charming little girl and heard her say that so and so was a f**** b*** and a liar.  This cute little girl with a pony tail actually said that!  Oh, my!  I had to finish the lap and leave.  And it was her fault that I lost count of laps, so I may not have done the full three miles. 
Guess I should head down there now.  School is out and the coach probably won't be waving madly. 


SocialWorker2 said...

The news, in order to be the first to report something, even if it is inaccurate races forward with misinformation, keeps repeating te same thing, showing the same pictures, over and over. Today they reported that someone was in custody and I believe it has been disputed. It's awful and all of Boston will be kept in my prayers.
I just got a new phone and have no idea how to use it. I keep playing with it. Went to make a phone call and the phone just shut off on its own. Not much on technology, so I look at this as a real challange. I have two weeks to return it...for a fee,of course.
Funny story about the track. Yes, many of our young ones use language that I would have been grounded for a month if I had used. Seems to be quite common, sadly.
I love the picture of the daffodil, Mia.

Cathy said...

I think they are close to identifying the bomber. An awful, horrible thing to happen. Beyond words.
Mia, I love The Middle. All of the characters are hysterical, and I can't even say who is my favorite. Phil is my favorite on Modern Family...Phil and Lilly. And on Suburgatory it would have to be Dahlia.
We got rid of our house phones and just have cell phones. And we do not have the smart phones either. Ours work fine, and our plan isn't even offered anymore, so we are lucky, I guess. SW2, if you take it back do you get your old plan back? I understand they have upped the data plans and made them pretty pricey.

Stephanie D. said...

Barb, there are four more episodes of The Middle, according to Wikipedia, which lists all past and upcoming episodes. The season finale is May 22nd! Last weeks episode is on, you can watch the full episode.

Allie(Cat) said...

So excited Stephanie, didn't know that last week was not the final episode. And I guess Mia is Barb? Sugurgatory was getting a little odd, but tonight may be getting back on track.
My prayers are also with those in Boston, never forget, but be strong. We can overcome this.
The phone thing...hysterical. What is a dumb phone? I have a very basic phone. I can call, receive calls..I suppose I can do more, but never tried.

Tim said...

Penguins won. I have not outfit to cheer for them. Pirates won, so I guess I did well with leading those cheers for them.
I have to say on a more serious note. Thanks to the Yankees for their support of Boston. This was a tragedy that should have never happened. Sorry to get serious.

Shelly said...

Surgatory, Alli(Cat), darn keys on laptops! I agree, it has been a bit off over the past couple of weeks, but it seemed to be trying to get back on target for the last half hour tonight. The fight between Tessa and Dahlia was stupid, not fun to watch. Do we not have enough violence on TV?
OK, cell phones. I have to have a "smart" phone for work and I hate it. Constant contact. What happened to the day when we actually talked to one another? When we talked about how many minutes you had on your plan as opposed to how much data you needed? I don't have a personal cell phone. If you need me, leave a message.
Boston was sad, so sad.

Bill said...

As I log on the computer to check my email and of course, your blog, Mia...a stink bug emerges and flies about the room. I capture him, open the window and say "be free".
Boston. So sad. They are upping the security here for the marathon. We cannot be afraid, they will win if we are.
I laugh at the coach waving to/at you. And the child swearing. And your shock. I am sure our kids use language that would make me cringe, but I haven't heard it. I do hear them mumble as they are sent to their room. I think if I heard our daughter using that language...omgosh, what would I do? My first response is to wash her mouth old does that make me? My second response would be to smack her...and I don't want to do that. I guess my best response would be is to tell her that the language would be offensive and not the best use of her vocabularly. Is that the way she wants people to view her?
Give me the wisdom to live through the teen years.

Mark said...

We certainly used our fair share of foul words growing up, but when we did it was with peers with no adults around. I suppose one could say she thought no adult would hear her, but those are pretty strong words, let alone the sentiment!
I have an iphone and I like it. It's an old one, works well, and I will not get a new one because of the mandatory upgrade in plans. I think TMobile has a plan that you can tailor to your needs, I probably would look into that one if I were to get a new phone.
I haven't seen The Middle, maybe I'll catch it at some point. I usually watch CBS on Wednesdays.

ginger said...

It's ok Tim, we were at the Pirate game and cheered them on. A.J. Burnett pitched a superb game and got his 2000th strike out. We gave him a standing ovation and his fellow players all came in and shook his hand or patted his butt.

Our prayers are with everyone in Boston. This is a scary world we live in but it's the one we are stuck with. The good old days are gone forever.

Lori said...

Well, they have pictues up on the FBI site, so let's hope they can catch them quickly and figure this all out.
Good for you Ginger, he's one of their best pitchers, I hear.
Cell phones have become the normal way to communicate now. I see everyone texting, sending pictures, calling, getting rid of their land lines. Funny how far we have progressed...gone are the days when kids spent hours talking on the phone, now they just spend hours texting. And yes, the cell phone companies know how to make their money and it isn't with calls. It's with texting, internet on the phone, sending pictures.
I guess, Ginger, this is the world we are stuck in and instant communication is what we have now.

Phoebe said...

I convinced myself that 2013 would be a good year for everyone despite the number "13" being in it. But is so sad to hear about the tragedies from the marathon.

However, your daffodils Mia, brought a smile to my face. I don't run but I just did a little bit of yoga just now. And then of course decided to check for your blog. A nice surprise to see a post.

And so what really is a smart phone? I seriously thought all of the phones these days were smart phones because of how much they can do.

Ben said...

Phoebe, welcome aboard.
Mia posts some pretty amazing pictues and they are always fun to see. She posts at least once a week, or at least we hope so.
No, my phone is a dumb phone also. It does have internet access so I can check my email, but I don't have games, I don't have games, it is somewhat bulky, it is old, but it does the trick for me.
Pirates lost tonight, glad you got to see the win last night, Ginger. Burnett is probably our best pitcher. The offense is there, but the pitching needs a lot of help. And Tim, as much as I appreciate your team spirit, the Pirates need you more than the Pens right now.
Had to take my dog to the vets today, has some kind of intestinal disorder. Meds, blood work and exam, how does one afford more than one dog?

Jennifer said...

I think vet bills went up with the invention of pet insurance. Our vet, since we know him, will accept partial payments for the bill to be paid in full in 60 days. Don't know what he would do if you couldn't pay it. The last time I went the bill came to over $200. But it is worth it, we love her.
It looks as though they are closing in on the remaining suspect from Monday. Not without incident, however.
Cell phones have certainly taken over the world. Is there anyone who doesn't have one? When I can't find mine I go into a panic. I don't know anyone's phone number since they are listed by name. It's a wonder I remember my own!

Twigs said...

Well, they caught the second "suspect". And there will be questions, theories, speculations. And the "news" will cover it all. Perhaps not accurately, but they will cover it. It is the world of 24/7 news, social media and yes, the blogs.
I am so appreciative, Mia, that yours does not get into politics so much. You acknowledge the obvious, make a comment, then move on. It is refreshing.
I am sad for the people of Boston who lost a loved one, whose bodies were compromised.
We live in a violent world, we bomb, we send drones, we declare war based on false information, we set off bombs and kill here and abroad. On the internet, we can learn how to make bombs, we can buy guns. Why then are we surprised.
Sorry, Mia, I am frustrated, I am angry.
I come to your blog to converse with people who enjoy your sense of humor, who cheer for the Pirates and Penguins..although they are not my favorite teams (sorry). But tonight, I just had to vent.
I love your picture of the Phoebe, they make me smile, and almost give me hope. Spring does that.

Jackie said...

It is hard, Twigs,to digest all that has happened. Let's just hope that the people of Boston can get a good nights' sleep and that they can move to healing.
That magnolia tree is awesome, Mia. We had snow this week, again. I think we will probably have it in July!
Cell phones...mine is held together with duct tape. And it still works. I refuse to get a smart phone. Mine makes calls and takes calls...what else is necessay. Not wanted, but necessary.

Elizabeth said...

I have a cell phone. It doesn't have internet, it doesn't have many bells and whistles, but I can make calls and receive them. What makes me crazy is people who have private conversations in public places. I don't want to hear that, especially in a restaurant. And to watch people eating together and texting while they eat..sorry, but to me it is rude.
Looks like the Boston bomber is in custody and hopefully we can get some information as to motive. I have to believe there was some motive, someone doesn't just do this for fun, I would hope.
Spring came and went here. We had a couple of nice days and now it is cold.
Mia, Wednesdays are one of my favorite nights to watch TV. They are switching all the programs around now, so I have to be alert as to when everything is on so I can watch.

Tigger said...

Hey, Mia's back! So glad to see your posts. And looks like the old gang is here, plus a few...welcome Stephanie and Phoebe.
It's funny how kids swear today. Really, it isn't funny, but it is surprising I think. I hear them on the subway and they don't care who hears them. Not saying we didn't/don't swear, but we try to do it in a very controlled way, if there is such a thing.
The bombing was awful. Boston and our city get huge crowds for the marathong, and it would be a shame to see that diminish. I think with all the security and awareness it is harder to commit these crimes, but sadly, someone who does it doesn't seem to care.