Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Think I Am Ready

The Pens lost...but we have a chance tomorrow night.

So much excitement.

Monkeyboy played so well in baseball Monday night. Boy, can that boy run. And he can hit. He made Sunday ball.

Bean turned 13 on Monday. Bird always cuts their age into the grass. She is a teenager. How scary is that?

OM gosh, I am so excited to get on the road. I packed, and re-packed tonight.

I hope Mippy doesn't take her blackberry...those are so very annoying.

We are renting a van and packing food. So much better than flying, though I have three tickets on airlines from fiasco in June.

We are seeing "Wicked" and I can't wait.

I wish we could meet in Grand Central Station and dance to the music.



SassySam said...

Wait, I thought we were meeting in GCS. I am packed and waiting to leave. I mean Kitty said we were going. I WANT TO GO.
I love the "13" in the grass. What a wonderful idea. Happy teen, Bean.
Monkeyboy looks speedy.
Have a wonderful and safe trip, Mia.
Fingers crossed for Pens

Ben said...

We are meeting, Sassy, my dog and I are packed and ready to go. I don't have enough grass in which to put an age! That's what happens when you live in the city. Good for Monkeyboy, tell him he looks good. Safe trip, mia and company. Last game tonight. Go Pens.

Cathy said...

Of course we are going Sassy. I am packing my suitcase and getting the kids ready. I hear we all have hotel reservations. I am going to suggest the number in the grass to my husband. How fun!

Elizabeth said...

I'll bring all of the daycare kids so they can join in the dance. I remember being 13. Couldn't decide if I wanted to play with Barbie dolls or be an adult. Have fun, Mia.

Lori said...

I love the idea of the age in the grass. What a wonderful way to say that it is a special day for them. Now to talk my husband into it. I'm ready as soon as I find a suitcase to use. Now, where did I put that darn thing?

Anonymous said...

I'll send you mine, Lori, I just got back from vacation.

Anonymous2 said...

Everyone's going on vacation. It isn't fair, it just isn't.

Jen said...

that yard is BIG! And what a cute idea. Have a wonderful time, mia. Send lots of pics to the blog and keep us posted.

Kevin said...

Have a great time in the big apple. Looking foward to your posts and pictures. Go Pens.

Tim said...

How does one pack a tutu? I am having difficulty.

Angela said...

Tim, I fear that is not the only difficulty you are having, but we love you anyway. The Pens came through, what a great game. So, onto the next level. And I never followed hockey before this blog. Mia, have a great trip. I am looking forward to lots of pics when you come back. Or, do you have a can blog from NYC!

ginger said...

Skipper's B'Day is today but he's not mowing his age in our grass. Afraid it would take up too much of the lawn. We are going to Olive Garden for dinner and I'm sure they are going to sing Happy Birthday to him. He'll just love that.
I'm a day late here but nice to be able to say Great Game Pens! They really brought their "A" stuff. Keep it up!

Lonely Kitty said...

Mew. Where is everyone?

Tim said...

I am sitting in GCS in my tutu, where is everyone? Kitty, where are you, I don't see any cats.

Michele said...

Now that I have internet I vow to be a better blogger. I went to Philly this weekend and then moved, but you already knew that. :-) Glad to hear you had such a great trip.