Sunday, May 17, 2009

Where Was Everyone?

We are home.

We had the most wonderful trip. The drive up was a bit dicey. Fog and rain. And the windshield wipers were not so good....and there was this driver who almost cut us off, but Mippy took care of it.

Garmin doesn't work in NYC. It said to turn right onto W42nd, then immediately said to turn left onto 10th Ave. It was very confused. We were tired. Got cranky. Mippy kept saying "Don't yell"....does she know the meaning of the word yell?

Got to the hotel and checked in...thanks to Ralph. He was wonderful, just what we needed. Got to our room and off to Toy R Us. Rode on the darn ferris wheel. I hate ferris wheels, scare the heck out of me. Kids laughed. They thought it was cool that I went on. I didn't.

Went to pool. Watched them swim. Monkeyboy is doing well. They got a bit wild. Well, actually they were wild with anticipation. I thought to myself that they would medicate Monkeyboy if they saw him, but I thought it is just excitement. Anticipation.

Woke up and had breakfast before leaving for Statue. It worked perfectly. Got on the boat, went to see Statue. Had beautiful weather. Mippy wanted to take subway...we took cab. She is such an adventurist, but Hotel said....get there early. Trip over, Bean started to feel sick from fumes from boat. We all did, just didn't want to talk about it. Made it to the island, and what a sight. I was impressed. We had lots of fun, just exploring.

Came back on boat. Woman heaved overboard and hit the deck below. Lots of "ewwwwww" from deck below. Felt badly for the woman who heaved, not thinking about the people to whom she heaved. We all got a little nauseous from watching heaving.

Arrived at hotel after eating dogs on the street. More swimming.

Went to see Wicked. What a wonderful show! Laughed, laughed some more. Left theater feeling very good, heading back to hotel. Eating cookies.

Shopping day and Monkeyboy and Mippy went to GCT. Did not see Tim. Waited for many, many hours for song and dance, but nothing.

Met back at hotel for swimming. Tried to do dance and song in pool, did not work.

Went to dinner and off to Gazillion Bubble Show. Was wonderful. Monkeyboy went up on stage to participate and was great! He was part of foursome that went inside bubble. Anna, the bubble person, was born in 1965 in Vietnam. She told her story, and Monkeyboy knew it all to convey to his father.

Trip back.

Awoke early, went to deli to get breakfast. Deli man remembered me and gave me the order. Wished me a safe journey home and wished the Pens good luck. Went back to hotel and packed to leave. Got car, porter, and were on our way. Did I mention....Garmin doesn't work in the city? Thanks to Mippy got out of city and on our way.

Through the Lincoln Tunnel and a sigh of relief. No traffic to speak of, on the road and clear sailing. Well, maybe not. Bean said she had to stop. We were just outside the city. It sounded rather urgent, so we pull off and find this gas station. Bean gets out of the car and heads to the ladies room. It's quite windy and somewhat cold. We wait in the car. And wait. And wait. Bean finally comes out, looking a bit green. She asks if we can sit for a while, she doesn't feel well. Nope. We can't. Get out the plastic bags and head back onto the freeway.

I should mention that this happens when we are on the road. Kids get nauseous It generally passes rather quickly.

We drive on for an hour or so, checking with Bean who says to continue. Monkeyboy wakes up and says he needs a restroom. Bean concurs and says she does also. We get off at one stop and no restroom. On to the next stop. We see a sign for a motel and for a Home Depot. We figure there must be a restroom in the motel.

The motel is boarded up. Things are getting urgent. We head for Home Depot at top speed. We pull into the parking spot and get out of the car. Mippy is hiding the Garmin (it's finally working) and tells the kids to hide things. I say let's just get going here. She says to quit yelling.

We race into Home Depot, four of us running madly. We ask the greeter who tells us that the rest rooms are at the other end of the store in the back. We run. And make it. WHEW.

Everyone feels much better, and the rest of the trip goes without any problems. We arrive home to be greeted by Oscar, Flurrie and MR, the next door neighbor.

It's great to go away, and the trip was wonderful, but boy, my bed felt great last night.


Lori said...

Mia, glad you had a safe trip. Your post is hilarious! Our kids get car sick too, and you're right, onward and upward! Did they really go to Grand Central? I would think Tim would stand out in his tutu. Perhaps he was in the restroom. Love the picture of the beaver.

SassySam said...

I so wanted to dance. I have a question. I have been waiting for Mia's blog since yesterday, and it said that it was posted last night, but I didn't see it today and there was no notice in my email saying it was up. Anyway, when did it show up? I just got notice a few minutes ago. I, too, am glad you had a safe trip. Boy, wish you had gotten a picture of Tim in his tutu. I can just see you guys running through Home Depot. I am still laughing.

bean said...

Thank you soooooo much for taking us on the trip Mia. I had a spectacular time. I'm glad you overcame your fears and road the ferris wheel. (That was pretty funny though.) I'm already excited for next year!!

Jellical Kitty said...

Great post Mia! Well worth the wait. I shall re-read it when I need an endorphin rush! Hope to see more pics. The Beave looks so real. Oh gees, maybe he is?

Well, I saw Tim. But he was soooo into his Pas de Deux that I did not wish to break his concentration. And Tim, I did see cats, even if it was by lonesome. Although I was lured away but momentarily by Mr. Mistoffelees.

I think Sassy, that even posting a pic may generate the EM to you. Happy Primary Election Day to those of you in the 'burgh. Yep, I'm not watching the game.

Cathy said...

I am still laughing, I think the post was wonderful. Vicariously living through your trip, Mia, though I am probably spelling that wrong. I always need spell check, I don't know why they don't have it here. Tim, did anyone get a picture of that, or did anyone actually see you? I think you would be hard to miss. And I am sure Monkeyboy would tell us if he saw you. Thanks for the great post, mia.

Ben said...

The Pens won it again. Great game, a heartstopper at the end. I saw Tim. My dog and I both did. And we saw this cat there also. Had to pull my dog away from attacking the cat. He really wouldn't attack, perhaps just play with it. Mia, I am glad you had a safe trip and the post was great. So are the pictures. It's nice that Monkeyboy and Bean are close, they will value that later.

Angela said...

I remember sitting in the back seat on trips and getting car sick. Not a good feeling. But your story about racing through Home Depot still has me laughing. Glad you had a safe trip. And glad Mippy got you out of the city and back so you could post. Good job, Mippy.

Twigs said...

I have been waiting for your post, Mia. Had to comment before I hit the sack. You should have stopped here on your way back, I have a bathroom you could have used! I watched for the beaver, but couldn't see him in any car that passed. Nice pictures. I like how you don't show faces. My bark is all scratched up from when Kitty tried to hide from Ben. I mean Ben's dog.

Tim said...

I am in Grand Central Station right now. Where is everyone? I started the dance, but the police came up to me and asked me if they could call someone for me. I just don't understand. You are home, Mia? Did I miss something? This tutu is getting scratchy.

ginger said...

Wait.....I'm just getting the picture of Tim in his tutu and dancing. Were the cops laughing?

Glad you're home Mia and sounds like a fun time except for the nausea and looking for a bathroom.
Loved the Beaver.
We used to carry a bucket in the car for my sister and I because we got car sick all the time,going to visit relatives in Rochester PA.
That seem to be like the other side of the world and I think it still is.
I loved Wicked, too, it was hilarious.

tigger said...

I checked in Grand Central several times over the weekend, and I did see a group of cops standing in the corner laughing hysterically. I did not see Tim, or if I did, he did not have his tutu on. Lots of little kids, one of which could have been monkeyboy, but no beaver. That picture is very cute. Good idea. I still get car sick if I have to sit in the back seat.

SocialWorker2 said...

I love the picture of the beaver looking at the menu! What a fun idea. And the pictures of Bean and Monkeyboy holding hands is very sweet. Very seldom see boys in sports coats anymore, it looks very nice. And you even got the subway steps in! I agree with Kitty, a post well worth waiting for, and I have been! Silly me, checked all day Sunday and Monday. And Tim, I hope someone got a picture and it appears on you tube. Let us know if it does!

Nate said...

Great post, mia. Kids and carsickness. What a joy. It sounds like a wonderful trip and a safe one, which always makes it better.

Bill said...

Sounds like you had a great time, mia, minus the "problem" coming home. I'm sure Tim looked wonderful, and it's so sad that we all could not see him in his tutu.

Jen said...

What I wouldn't give for a vacation right now! The end of the year with kids is the pits. Everything falls at once, and I am exhausted, they are crazy. Take me away!

Jessica said...

I love the picture of the beaver! Made me laugh. And I need that right now. I agree, Jen, I would love a vacation about now. The weather here is wonderful right now, and I just want to be outside all of the time, preferably at the beach.

Mark said...

We are getting ready to go camping this weekend. I only hope the weather holds up. Getting away for a few days can feel really good, and I agree, mia, coming home then also feels good. I love the post mia.

Anonymous2 said...

I laugh at your part about Home Depot. All of us with kids have been there before. I can just see it now, racing down the aisle. Glad you made it, and glad you had a safe trip.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine driving to NYC. Flying takes half the time and half the stress. Glad you had a safe trip.

SassySam said...

Well, I hope the police were kind to Tim. Do you suppose he is, well, in confinement somewhere? I wonder if he still has the tutu on? Perhaps tigger should check the station and see if he is still there, dancing away.

Wacky Mommy said...

You crazy travelers. Glad you had fun.