Wednesday, August 6, 2008


My friend, Michele at work, is a really excellent photographer. She has a neat site that I will post after I get her permission. After looking at her pictures, I am inspired. They are so good. So, Michele at work was explaining how to do black and white and add color. I got the black and white down, but now I have to get the color. The incline is one of Pittsburgh's unique tourist attractions. It is functional in that it gets people from one place to another...from Mt. Washington to Station Square. It scares me to death. One time when Poppy, Mime and kids were visiting we went on the incline. #1 son of Poppy's was a little hesitant, as was I. He and I got caught in the doors as the rest of the group went waltzing off to see more sites. I close my eyes on the incline, as I do on roller coasters and other things that are high. So, if and when you come to our fair city, ride the incline. It offers a wonderful view of the city...but of course, you have to keep your eyes open.

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Sassysam said...

that thing looks kind of scarey! I'll pass, heights make me nervous. Interesting thing, thoough.