Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Baseball in winter

The weather here has been so bad...lots of rain and cool weather. Last night Monkeyboy had a ballgame and Bean had a band concert. I think it was 32 degrees with wind at 60 mile an hour gusts. Not sure, but I think so. Bean comes to the game all dressed for her concert. Mippy comes wrapped in a coat shivering and huddled in her chair. I come layered, two long sleeve shirts, sweatshirt and coat. People sitting around, blankets wrapped tightly. A small child of about three comes running to the field in a cute little tank top. Behind me I hear a mother saying "her stupid father, where is his head?" People shivering, trying to be good sports, but you know they are counting the outs with glee. Monkeyboy got three hits, got a run in and ran one in. Dirty looks abound and not because he took his team to the lead, but because people wanted to leave. Bean had her legs stuck in Monkeyboys sweat jacket, the bags from the fold up chair pulled on her legs, my coat (I'm old and can take it) and yelling at anyone who got in the way of the ray of sun that was about to sink into the west. The game was lost...14-12. It took me an hour to thaw out...and guess what? Another game tomorrow night. Whooohoooo.


sassysam said...

What a great picture! I am glad to hear he did well, but he looks sad. I can see the cold. Excellent picture.

social worker2 said...

Where have you been mia? Missed your postings. How was the concert for Bean? I guess I'll cheer for the Penquins, though I don't know anything about hockey!