Sunday, May 4, 2008

I'm Falling and I Can Get Up

As many will tell you, I have a history of falling. There was the time in the cemetary in the early morning before sunrise when I stepped into a pothole and did a one and a half somersault with out the tuck and roll. Then there was the time when I caught my heel in a crack in the sidewalk and had to be helped up by a drug dealer in the midst of a drug deal...which wasn't mine, by the way. He was very kind, told me I hadn't lost a tooth and then ran like a bat out of....well, you know. That one resulted in a broken wrist and sprained ankle. The one the family gets the most delight from is the fall into the hot tub at Niagra Falls. It was on the road trip last year and I wanted a picture of the three kids jumping into the pool together. I kept backing up to get the picture, when alas, I felt myself falling into the hot tub. I did try to hold the camera above the water, but alas, it went under also. Did save the pics however, which was my main concern. The latest fall was just last night as I was trying to fix Sprout's hair for a picture. I was backing up, tripped over a box and went sliding across the floor on my butt. Now, I have fallen enough times and in front of enough people to know that I get up quickly and move so they can begin their gales of laughter. It made for wonderful smiles on their pics. Perhaps the time has come for me to stop backing up, do ya think?


ginger said...

Sorry about all those falls. You
may have to get one of those things
to wear around your neck just in case the day comes when you can't get up. Can that be closer than you think?
I fell off a Pogo stick once showing my kids how to do it without getting hurt. So much for that! Got a fractured wrist.

SassySam said...

Love your blog! I laugh at your stories and your pictures are great. What kind of camera do you use?

mia said...

Hi SS..It's a Nikon D40x. I love it. Got the better one when I landed in the hot tub. Insurance can be a wonderful thing, especially when it is replacement value.