Sunday, May 18, 2008


The Flyers are on the way back to Philadelphia....DEFEATED in an astounding game where the Penquins shut them out 6-0. I told you I was competitive! A happy Sunday dinner with happy Penquins fans. Ryan Malone scores twice, Hossa had four and Fleury made 21 saves. And Bean and friend sang the National Anthem this morning for the Girls on the Run 5K. Excellent job in the pouring rain to Bean and buddy.


Steve said...

Congrats to the Pens... they've earned it!

Despite being a native-born Pittsburgh ex-pat, I was a little torn on the series. Philly d-man Braydon Coburn played his juniors in Portland, and autographed his broken stick for my son a couple years back. A really super guy.

It was very scary to see him go down with the puck in the face in game two. Had he stayed in the philly line-up, the Pens would have had a much harder time taking the series.

We're rooting for the Pens in the finals, of course. Did you know Marian Hossa played junior in Portland?

Anonymous said...

Hockey..the only main stream sport left were guys work hard for the money they make. GO PENS

ginger said...

loved that game. Would love to see the guy who held up the sign in Philly that said "See ya Tuesday" indicating they were going to beat us. My sign says "See ya next year"

Don'tunderstand all the rules of hockey but it sure is fun watching a home team winning.