Tuesday, May 6, 2008


We have been to two balloon festivals. There is something magical about watching them lift off from the ground and float in the air. The quiet. The blue skies. We have been in a balloon twice and I think I like it better from the ground. What is it about a hot air balloon that makes us look to the sky in wonder? The shape, the color...or just the sense of freedom from the world. No noisy engine. Above it all. We are preparing for our annual trip to NYC. Bean, Monkeyboy, Mippy and I. We are staying at a different hotel this time. Hairspray is on the Broadway tour and Stomp is on the off-Broadway tour. Shopping, of course. Swimming for Bean and Monkeyboy. Perhaps a carriage ride in the park. And just some fun time together. And as we take off (by the way, flyings is not my favorite thing to do) the world below becomes a little smaller. The day to day world goes away. We work so we can play...and play we will.


jen said...

I look at them and Who could afford to own one. I remember vacations with my nana. We wouldn't go anywhere, just my sister and I visiting her in her home. We got to stay up late, watch any show we wanted on television and sleep as late as we wanted to. They have a balloon festivals here. People come at dawn to take pictures. They take the pictures so they can see the balloons. Why don't they just look at the balloons?

sassysam said...

Oh, come on Jen. We take pictures so we can remember how beautiful it was. I have to admit, when I take pictures of my daughter in dance class, I miss the moment of life, but what would I have to share if not the picture? Mia, you need to pose questions so we can all comment. Like our favorite vacation with our parents or our kids. Come on everyone, let's hear it. I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours. ;)

ginger said...

One of our favorite vacations with the kids was a place where you swam in the river, stayed in a cabin and three times a day, a bell was rung and we all ran to breakfast, lunch and dinner. The meals were all home made including the bread. We went with three other families who had kids too. It was great fun for everyone, also having a bonfire with hot dogs and marshmallows.

Sassysam said...

Darn Ginger, you are forcing me to respond. Let's see. My favorite vacation with my parents was a road trip across the United States. My father was a teacher, my mother a stay at home mom. My father would drive and whenever we said we wanted to see something, he would stop. Didn't matter where it was or what it was. He would stop. Little towns, no major highways. We went from Philadelphia to San Francisco and back. It took us all summer and we had a blast!