Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Guns and things

Bean and I planted today...well, actually, she planted and I directed. Mippy and Monkeyboy came by to pick up Bean. Monkeyboy looked tired from Cub Scout Camp. I asked him what he liked best about camp, and he said "shooting the gun". When I picked myself up from the dead faint, I thought about this. Grobus, aka Poppy, was president of the rifle club when he was in high school. I tried out for the rifle club, but couldn't even hit the target. Since then, I have not had much contact with guns. Bird was in the Marine Corp during the Gulf War. He fought and did a fine job of that. I was so very proud when he got off the plane and people cheered him as he came through the airport. Bird is a good person.....well, most of the time. He has a great sense of humor, is a kind and gentle person and a wonderful father. Monkeyboy thinks his father is the best thing ever and wants to be just like his father. Monkeyboy could not have a better role model. HOWEVER, there is this matter of guns. Bird and I had a "discussion" tonight about guns. Bird said he would never teach Monkeyboy to kill any living thing, that Bird likes guns, but he doesn't like killing anything with them. So, on this matter, which I feel so strongly about, I will trust Mippy and Bird. I have seen the gentleness and love in Monkeyboy--with Flurrie, the gentleness, and with his family, the love. I don't like guns, but I'll keep looking to the gentle side of Monkeyboy.....that's the side I love, Monkeyboy attached to Flurrie and worrying when some other child wanted to hold him........that they may not be as gentle as he was.


Nate said...

I don't like guns either, but I think if one is going to want to shoot they need to learn the proper use of a gun. The garden looks great, nice choice of flowers and plants.

Jen said...

Did Monkeyboy get two kittens? The grey one is flurry, right? Cute picture.

Anonymous said...

I think any activity that a parent and child can do together and spend time with each other is so important. Knitting or shooting or just taking a walk..spend time with your kids..or family..or close friends...its not about the activity..its about time together. We all can learn from each other if we just take the time to be with each other.

mia said...

No, Jen, Monkeyboy does not have two kittens. The light-colored one is named Nilla, short for Vanilla, and she was another kitten on the farm-a constant companion of Sprout's.