Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summertime, and the living is GREAT

A wonderful dinner with Ginger and Skipper and a beautiful, albeit hot day in the burg. Saw "The Bucket List" last night, what a great movie! Love Jack Nicholson in anything.....well, I didn't see "The Shining", but most of his stuff. Two things from the movie that struck me....don't read if you haven't seen movie and want to be surprised. First....laugh till you cry. Isn't that great? I have done that and it is the best feeling in the world. The other is to find joy in your life and bring joy to someone's life. This week will be a week of cars...Bird has to get his fixed because Mippy is tired of going thru drive through with the window duct taped in the closed position. Buzz's engine light now not only comes on, it stays on. And I need an oil change. So, back to the Bucket three things you want to do before you kick the bucket. Boy, is that loaded! One thing...I would want to take a cross-country road trip with the kids. I want to stop in Iowa (at least three places there, one by myself), Denver, Portland, Tucson, and hundreds of places in between. Not the interstate, the back roads to see the country. What about everyone...what would you want to do?


Wacky Mommy said...

Come to Portland first.

OK, I have to think over my "bucket list."

1) see my kids grow up, happy and content
2) live the rest of my life with Hockey God, doing whatever we want
3) get a book -- or 2 -- published

SassySam said...

"bucket list"...let me think.
1. Have a family reunion where everyone could come and no one has to do anything to make it work.
2. Take my grandmother back to Ireland while she can still enjoy the trip.
3. Climb the tallest mountains in the United states.

Ben said...

I think I would like to play a baseball game with a major league team, buy a Porsche and race it, and hike the Applachian Trail.

Jen said...

1. Live long enough to see my grandchildren and have the same relationship you have with yours.
2. Be healthy enough to have some grown up time with my husband when our children grow up.
3. Take a family vacation to Disneyworld!

mia said...

Wow, Jen, thanks, what a nice thing to say.

Bird said...

1. See my kids grow up to be healthy and happy with who they are and not what others think they should be.
2. My wife and I are able to see them become who they wish to be.
3. Ride my Harley into the Black Hills of South Dakota at sun rise and then stand and watch the sun set.

Bill said...

hmmmm, let me think.
1. See my children as happy, healthy adults.
2. Travel the States with my wife and take all the time to see what we want to see.
3. Watch a super bowl from the 50 yard line with the Eagles winning.

Cathy said...

1. Healthy kids grow into happy, healthy adults
2. Have more "quality time" with my husband.
3. A new toilet so I don't have to jiggle the handle.

ginger said...

I think we are doing our bucket list now, enjoying life with friends and each other. Our kids are grown and doing well but we wish we could do more for them. So maybe hitting the lottery would be at the top of the list.

Didn't see the movie but saw Wedding Crashers today at the library. What a hoot! Sat there with all the other seniors and watched a whole bunch of nudity. As i left, Thelma said "That wasn't was I expected" Don't know if Thelma will chance another one.

Anonymous said...
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Wicked Kitty said...

Major Ooops. Anonymous' wishes were really Wicked Kitty's. And I kinda like Ben's themes in his Bucket List. Very racy and adventurous.

Ben said...

I'll buy your are, Kitty. ;)

Wicked Kitty said...

Someone is too quick with the fingers. Did you mean ART?