Monday, July 7, 2008

Tournament Ball is Here

I love to watch Monkeyboy play ball, what a pleasure to see how this team has progressed. I am a bit exhausted from all of the screaming and doing the wave for his team, but gosh, they are the best. Championship game is Wednesday. Did I mention I am competitive? Bird had control of the power locks in the car last night, funny how this family is into power and power gadgets in the car. He tried to lock Bean out of the car, would let her get so close, then move the car a few feet. Lots of rain water on the field, a bit of a pond in right field. A lovely evening for baseball, and hopefully they will have as much fun on Wednesday. I enjoy people watching also. There is a lovely lady there and I think she borrowed her teeth from a horse. Honestly, they are very, very large. And the little girl (who outnumbered me in trips to the concession stand) who, for some reason, had to hold up her shorts AND hold her food. Quite a feat. There is the toothless man behind us who yells at the umpire a lot, because the umpire seems to blow with the wind. We have a line up for our team and we are starting the WAVE when someone does well.......actually, Bean and I are doing the WAVE and one time we actually got others to joing us. I am feeling well and continue to be amazed at this laproscopic surgery...if you ever need surgery and this is an it! Have a great day!


Sassysam said...

Great description of the fans, maybe the person with the horse teeth can share with the man with no teeth.

Jessica said...

I love watching little league ball, it is so much fun, if you can get past the crazy parents.

Jen said...

I am laughing so hard. I agree with Sassysam. When's the next game?

Ben said...

Very descriptive...Have you considered writing as a career? Can't wait till the next game. Good luck, Monkeyboy. And have fun, that's even more important.