Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Food for the Deer

Bean and I decided growing deer need more food. So this morning bright and early, (well maybe not so early) we went to the garden center and said, "We want to spend lots of money to feed our deer friend." The gardener rubbed his hands together and said, "You should spend lots of money to feed your friends, and I have lots of expensive plants to sell to you." So Bean and I came home, and have been planting ever since. Bean whines, "This is harder than cleaning the attic!" Little does she know the best is yet to come...while Mia gabbed on the phone all afternoon, Bean was made to work her fingers to the bone in the garden. Jumping on the shovel, trying to get a hole dug through the rocks and clay. Well worth the effort. Hope the deer enjoy. We took pictures because we are pretty sure it will be gone tomorrow.


sassysam said...

OK, bean, I think you need an agent. What is mia paying you? I will negotiate a price and charge you 10%. Great garden, I'm sure Bambi and children will enjoy!

Jessica said...

Glad to hear you have some help there, Mia. Looks like she is a hard worker. Can't believe they had cheerleading that young! I didn't start till Junior Varsity. And I loved it...granted, it isn't for everyone. One has to find their own passion.

tigger said...

Where's the deer????? Have they come yet? Let's see pictures. Maybe they've moved on to greener pastures. We don't have them here, thank goodness! More like rodents than deer.

SocialWorker2 said...

What a great post, I am laughing hysterically. I can just picture the salesperson at the garden center seeing money for products that will be eaten by the deer. I can't believe that they walk through your yard, eating and looking at your husband as they do it. Good luck with you new garden. Bean, I hope your efforts were not in vain.

ginger said...

It looks beautiful now and I hope it stays that way at least for a while.

You have a great helper in Bean and you are training her well in all of the wonderful things you do as a homeowner. She may want to rent.