Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Judge Judy

I turn the news on when I get up in the morning to catch the news. Earthquake in LA yesterday. Imagine my surprise when Judge Judy popped up on screen. Apparently, during the filming of the show, the Earthquake hit. I believe the good Judge was lecturing (she does a wonderful job of that) and everything started to rumble. She got off the bench and left the courtroom, while the plaintiff and defendent stood there, shaking with the room and looking very puzzled. I think they were afraid to move. I love Judge Judy. I love how she doesn't mince words. I have begun to tape it, because I don't get home in time to watch it. She has little tolerance for stupidity. Monkeyboy and Bean watch it when they are with me. Their mother won't let them watch it. Monkeyboy giggles when Judge Judy yells. So does Bean. I would never, ever go before Judge Judy. She has a way about her, and I wouldn't want to catch her on a bad day. So, I'll just watch and enjoy. But it was funny when she left so quickly and left those poor people looking so bewildered. Ginger, I hope your daughter didn't have any problems.


Bird said...

I don't watch the show...for a list of reasons that would go on and on and on! My only question would be, "Why do people find it neseccary to air their dirty laundry to the world?" Reality TV has become so scripted that it's not even real anymore. I used to be a Survivor watcher, but not anymore, it is so predictable now. Even my favorites, TLC, Discovery and the History channels are jumping onto the bandwagon of this reality stuff :(

Jessica said...

I have watched Judge Judy and I, like Mia, would never go on the show. I think it's entertainment. I don't like reality television, and I don't watch Judge Judy as a rule because I am at work. But, the episodes that I have watched are entertaining. She is a tough one! I found the blog hysterical, Mia. Anythng that makes us laugh can't be all bad.

Sassysam said...

I saw that and I had to laugh. Every man (or woman) or woman for themselves. I have never seen the show, but that was funny. I think reality shows are stupid. I watched one show once and thought "how can people watch these?", but I guess they do, they keep putting them on and they won't go away. I'll bet Judge Judy never left the courtroom that quickly in her life! Hope anyone in California that was affected is okay.