Monday, July 21, 2008

Plumbers and such

Monkeyboy, Bean, Mippy and Bird went on a camping trip this weekend. Tented it. I don't like tents much, put one up in a hailstorm in Vail one year, only to take it down two hours later in the thunder and lightening to go back down the mountain. Then there was the storm in Bedford with our friends. No, give me a bed, tv and wine. This picture was taken by Bean, they got up early to fish (they throw them back, Peta friends). I watched Flurry, the cat, and Oscar, the dog. We had a good time, the three of us. I come home, of course, to shower. So, how was I to know that the shower was clogged. Mippy came over with some fresh corn and said she couln't wait to get in the shower. Two hours later she called and said the shower was clogged. Now, we live in a neighborhood full of very capable, albeit expensive, plumbers, roofers, home construction workers, etc. Our plumber, Jim, has come on New Year's Day to unclog a drain for us. He has also gone to Bird's house for emergencies, such as the commode leaking and causing a ceiling to fall. Recently we had to have our entire sewer line replaced. We also had to promise our first born grandchild to the gypsies (didn't know that, did you Bean) to pay Jim, our friend the plumber, who kept apologizing for the tremendous amount of money he had to charge. But, it's ok, because after he cashed the check, he bought us a plant. A large plant. Seems to be the thing now. When we got our new furnace, we got a coffee cup with half dead flowers in it from the furnace repair man. Got a message from Mippy....seems Bird and Jim together fixed the shower drain. Wonder if they will get a plant or the half dead flowers.


ginger said...

Well, I think we have a mutual friend in Jim, the plumber except we got the big bill and no flowers or anything.

Well, we got our problem taken care of anyhow and we are grateful for that even though we got no perks.

sassysam said...

I never could understand the whole communing with nature thing. Give me the city or the mall and I find satisfaction there. Although, I must admit, the picture does elicit calmness and tranquility. Probably not to the fish though. Nice picture. I have no plumber. I had one once, but I never kept his number. I just keep my fingers crossed a lot. Nice that he will come anytime, even if it does cost a fortune. Maybe I should be a plumber. No, it isn't worth it. ;)

Bird said...

I appreciate the city for certain things...i hate the mall :), give me a tent and the forest! I think by spending at least some time "in the woods" we can all understand better where we came from. Its easy to notice the small things, smell things, and feel things you can't when your surrounded by steel, concrete and thousands of people. As far as the fish..or any animal that we come in contact with, I can't think of a better way then to teach my kids about the importance of caring for them and learning about them. It certainly beats standing elbow to elbow with a bunch of people, standing on a asphalt sidewalk, looking through a wire fence at some zoo.

Sassysam said...

OK, Bird, you talked me into it, but mostly cause I want to meet Monkeyboy and Bean. I'll meet the family in the forest, BUT, I'll bring my Target catalogs and my blower, dryer. And maybe a little makeup. I hate, absolutely hate, the idea of caged animals, so I can certainly agree with you in seeing animals in their own habitat. And somtimes the concrete and peoople get to me, but that's when I hide in my house and read my book!

Bill said...

My wife and I love to go hiking and we haven't yet gone camping, it's hard with the baby. I agree, Bird, nothing like being away from the city in quiet. I hate zoos too, sassy, and I will never take my kids there to see caged animals. Better to see them in their natural habitat. Mia, I love the pictures of the deer and your acceptance of them, even though they are eating all of your garden. Did they get to the one Bean planted yet?